Embroidery Fashion

Embroidery as we know is a way of decorating fabrics with art by using needle and thread. Embroidery fashion started from 6th and 7th centuries B.C.E. so from our history (or should we say our past) to our present, we can see lots of changes in embroidery. The way of doing embroidery back in our past and in today’s time it’s very different. The hand embroidery was a very time consuming task, so later in 1800s there were invented embroidery machines. This embroidery machine could not only save the time but also was very much helpful for embroiders. Nowadays, we can see embroidery is everywhere. For one in a time or many times in a row you must have search for best embroidery shop in Alberta. Whether it’s a dress, bags or heels, embroidery has become one of the coolest trends in the market or we say fashion now!

Lots of the famous designers in market or we say in fashion world are not afraid to use embroidery in their fashion. Back in that time when the embroidery was just started, people used wear embroidered dresses to explain their social status, wearer’s wealth and religion identity or religion belief. But as now we can see people using embroidery to explain their fashion style. The fashion followers or lovers can see the beautiful embroidery in fashion runaway shows to Alberta embroidery shop. Fashion is mostly influenced by the celebrities and we can see celebrities and style taste-makers like Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss are all captured wearing embroidered clothes. As more the time is changing, more embroidery fashion is growing highly. Every new embroidery collections looked prettier and found new varieties than before. Embroidery fashion is not limited. It’s unlimited so whether it’s your work, movie-date, shopping or dinner you can wear the embroidered pieces. A piece of a plain fabric is nothing worth or even can’t catch any eyes but an embroidery fabric can be eye catchy and worth a buck. Many designers are modifying the old fashion with embroidery. Whether it’s just a dress or accessories or your handbags or shoes, nothing is away with this embroidery trend. Embroidery had become very famous and favorite for most of people because of its versatile looks. It suits everyone. If you are really a fashion freak then you can make embroidered dresses yourself.