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Digitizing is the procedure taken when turning your logo into a usable file for embroidery. Any design or logo can be digitized no matter the size or amount of colours.

Art Guidelines and General Information for Digital Printing

Art to be supplied preferably at least at 300 in any type of image file such as: JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, or PSD file type. Vector based art should also be supplied if possible. Size of the logo will depend on the size of the garment.

There is no denying the fact that the entire garment industry heavily relies on embroidery digitizing service for designing logos, pictures and characters on fabrics. In recent years, demand of embroidered garment pieces has grown by leaps and bounds for their unique appearance and trendy appeal.

Computer application in modern embroidery machines has taken embroidery techniques to an all new level. When talking about embroidery digitizing, it’s the latest technique that includes the use of a digitizing software, colorful threads and advanced embroidery machines. Using this technique, any design can be embroidered on fabrics. However the design being embroidered needs to be converted into a format that is readable and accepted by the embroidery machine. The conversion process is typically known as "digitizing". In other words, digitizing refers to the art of taking a design, logo, graphic or picture and turning it into machine-readable file format. When converting the design, the digitized file tells the machine which design has to be created on the piece of fabric. Once the design is converted, it can be embroidered on cloth.

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